Grace United Methodist Church Worship Bulletin

March 28th, 2021

Prelude: Through the City Gates

Welcome: Pastor Jake

The Entrance into Jerusalem: Pastor Jake

People’s Response: Pastor Jake

Processional Hymn: All Glory Laud and Honor

Opening Prayer: Pastor Glen

Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-9a, Pastor Glen

Hymn: At the Name of Jesus, Stephanie Keller

Special Music: I Wonder as I Wander, Grace Bell Choir 

Transition into the Passion Story: Pastor Jake

Scripture: Mark 14:1-25, Pastor Janelle

Hymn: “For the Bread Which You Have Broken” (stanzas 1 and 2)

Scripture: Mark 14:26-50, Steve Holmes

Hymn: Go to Dark Gethsemane (stanza 1 only)

Scripture: Mark 14:53-72, Stephanie Keller

Hymn: What Wondrous Love is This (stanzas 1 and 2 only)

Scripture: Mark 15:20-37, Pastor Janelle

Hymn: Were You There (stanzas 1 and 4 only)

Scripture: Mark 15:38-47, Jeff Moen

Time of prayer and reflection, Pastor Jake 

Closing Song: The Old Rugged Cross (all stanzas)

Benediction: Pastors Jake and Janelle

Postlude: Hosanna! Hosanna!